Who is Mollusca?

MMollusca is an indie band that plays songs which remind you of your first love, inspire you to hug a tree, or refine your Tzaziki recipe.

from left to right: Luca, Anja, Rahel, Cedric, Joshua

Mollusca was founded in the summer of 2020 on the initiative of songwriter Rahel Müller. The five-piece Band, further consisting of bassist Anja, keyboardist Cedric, drummer Joshua, and guitarist Luca, has developed a repertoire, and also released their first EP “Tides” in 2021. In their songs, Mollusca tells of contradictions and hope, climate change and instability, all from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. The lyrics written by Rahel give insight into the inner world of a young woman, who can sometimes be more, sometimes less aligned with reality. This mixture results in innovative and honest indie rock, accompanied by catchy melodies.

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